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Markets of Focus

vtech CMS Markets of Focus

The VTech Division CMS was officially established in 1993. Since then, the CMS division has established a strong global Contract Manufacturing leadership and expertise in several markets and applications: Professional Audio, Switch-Mode Power Supply, RF, Wireless, Communications, LED Lighting, Home Automation / Home Appliances, Medical, and Automotive.

Young Companies with Innovative Products

Over the last 22 years, VTech CMS has worked with many Medium & Large Sized companies, however, we have also been successful in assisting younger startups companies in the early stages of New Product Introduction to help them establish their product and brand among the competition in innovative, technology driven markets. VTech CMS can offer following services and support for younger and smaller companies.

Services Provided:

  • -Industrial & Product Concept Design
    • Provide ID design support based on customers drafts and mock-ups.
    • Provide suggestions on product features and/or specifications during concept design stage.
  • - Mechanical Design
    • 3D & 2D mechanical & structural design support.
    • Design simulation, e.g. thermal/optical to optimize the mechanical parts design.
  • - Electronics Design
    • Schematics
    • PCB layout
    • Software & firmware design
    • Design simulation, e.g. RF, audio to optimize the electronic circuit design.
  • - Source & Components Selection
    • Source low cost or local alternative components that are form, fit and function compatible.
    • Identification of suitable and appropriate good high quality suppliers for special or tailor made or custom parts.
  • - Agency Approval Application
    • Help companies identify what agency approvals are required for their products.
    • Assist/Perform with agency approval applications, testing and granting procedures.
  • - Design For Manufacturing Support
    • Provide DFX suggestions for the product concept and design.
  • - Production Testing Development
    • Production test plan and test (or ATE) stations (including PCBA, final product) development and setup.
  • - Environmental/Reliability Tests Support
    • Provide suggestions on environmental/reliability tests plan according to the product nature.
    • Suggest/Perform a variety of environmental and/or reliability tests.
  • - Dedicated team for NPI process to assist with rapid prototyping, engineering and pre-production units.
    • Quick Response to customer request
    • Understand & predict the potential Project "STOPPER", and provide Proposal / Suggestions to customers to ensure the project smoothness.
    • Lead Customer on the Project Schedule

Handling of Start Up Company

VTech is conservative on finance dealing with Start Up Company, and below are the areas VTech operation should focus on handling these companies

Material Preparation:

In order to lower the risk to VTech and Start Up Company, VTech handles the following component categories as such:

  • No Liability Component: Vendor Managed Inventory
  • With Liability Component: Pre-pay Requirement
  • General Commodity Component: VTech to Take Care

Payment Term:

Tailor Made Payment Term per each customer

  • 100% Pre-pay together with Order
  • Standby L/C with FULL Order Amount
  • Payment Plan Structure established on individual basis.

NRE Cost handling:

  • For NRE Costs, VTech can offer "Amortization on Product Cost" on a per product basis.

Logistic Support:

VTech will play an important role to support customer by assisting to establish the Logistic Channel by

  • Introduction of VTech Preferred Forwarder to Customer
  • Provide direct Drop Shipment Support (Charge to Customer)
  • Recommend best Shipping arrangement to minimize the logistic cost to customer

Our Manufacturing facility in LiaoBu has approx. 4,000 skilled and professional employees in 5 buildings. To read more about the VTech CMS capabilities, please go to our CMS Presentation section.