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The objective of the NPI team at VTech is to bring your new product to market faster. The team serves as a bridge between prototyping and volume production to resolve common issues like design challenges, procurement, product reliability and quality expectations during the manufacturing launch of new products. To streamline the process, the NPI team will be set up and located directly at the factory.

Led by the program manager, NPI support starts during the product development and continues into mass production. With members from different functional areas, VTech has a dedicated NPI team to handle new projects from customers. Our NPI program includes the design and sample verification, cost reduction suggestions, DFM and the management of pilot run schedule etc. The aim is to enhance effective communications between involved parties, shorten cycle time of new products launching, improve the manufacturability of products and cost reductions in the early phases.

Providing quick turn engineering samples is one of the major components of the NPI program. We have flexibility in handling prototyping work from hand building to assembly via our standard manufacturing process. Material can be accepted either from consignment or via complete parts procurement by VTech. With dedicated setup for prototyping, VTech has the capability to offer fast and efficient prototype assembly at our factory. The prototyping process provides an opportunity for the factory to prepare itself for the production launch.