Vtech CMS Solutions

Product Development

Our design capabilities range from subsystem and full turnkey product designs to re-design efforts with the objective of cost reduction for existing designs. Our ISO9001:2000 certified design process ensures that each stage of the design effort is well managed and documented.

VTech’s Design Engineers are closely linked to the manufacturing environment. They are able to incorporate the concept of Design for Manufacturability during the product design stage such that the benefits of VTech’s production process can be fully optimized. The incorporation of the NPI program early in the design phase will also reduce the time to begin production.

Vtech CMS Product Development Process Flow

VTech design methodology uses a highly interactive approach under a simple design process flow to develop products with cost effective designs that can be quickly launched into production.

  • Design Proposals will include the structure of the design team, description of design solution, list of major components, project schedule, development and product unit cost.
  • Design Verification will confirm outputs meet the design requirements.
  • Design Validation will confirm the products perform the expected functions.
  • Design Assurance will confirm the outputs meet the required quality and reliability expectations.
  • Test Plan and the Agency Approval (if needed) will be carried out in parallel with the Design Verification.
Our design services include:
  • Analog and digital circuit design at product level with the following expertise:
  • Software development with support ranging from product application to test and diagnostic development,
  • Mechanical design with extensive experience in design for manufacturing.
  • Industrial design at VTech emphasizes value added designs for end users. We take a highly interactive approach to work with customers from concepts to prototype simulations, enabling us to develop user focused solutions.
  • Design Assurance will start once the product design is completed. Dedicated design assurance engineers will be assigned to ensure the designs will meet the environmental and application requirements. In addition to standard analysis, additional analysis such as Mean Time Between Failure, Failure Mode Effects Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulations, and Tolerance Analysis are also included. Other specific analysis can be completed per customer request or as recommended by Vtech’s experienced Design Assurance Engineers.
Design Capabilities & Tools

i) Electronics Design

Design Capabilities

VTech R&D has a wide variety of electronic design experience covering the areas of analog, digital, RF & wireless, professional audio, LED lighting, etc.

  • Analog Circuit Design: VTech has experience with many different kinds of analog circuit designs including amplifiers, power supply management, oscillators and mixers. Our experience allows us to provide high efficiency circuits to optimize product performance.
  • Digital Circuit Design : As digital circuits become more common and important today, many functions are driven by digital circuits. This includes all the common logical circuits, buffering, MCU controlling circuit, embedding system and DSP application design hardware design, etc.
  • RF & Wireless Circuit Design: VTech has full competency in RF and wireless circuit design which includes LNA, local oscillator, mixer, modulator, demodulator, power amplifiers, antenna matching, etc., covering world-wide countries’ frequency requirements such as US 900MHz, 2.4GHz, European 433MHz, 868MHz. We also have a wide breadth of experience in a variety of major wireless standards including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.
  • Professional Audio Circuit Design : We have solid experience on hardware design for professional audio products ranging from a wide variety of output power amplifiers, different channels of mixing consoles, stage performance wireless microphones and powered speakers, VTech can provide full-turn key designs to fulfill professional audio market requirements.
  • LED Lighting Circuit Design: Through the use of LED drivers, power supplies, and a wide selection of LEDs we are able to design many different kinds of LED lighting products including incandescent light bulb replacements, ceiling lamps, and decorative lighting. We can design for different color temperatures, output luminous flux (brightness), Color Rendering Index (CRI) and also compliant to EnergyStar requirements.

Design Tools

  • PADS and Altium Designer: Schematic drawing and PCB layout design software for creating professional circuit and PCB designs.
  • OrCAD: It can simulate the baseband and audio designed circuit performance such as voltage output, current output, frequency response, power consumption, etc. so that the circuit design can be improved and modified before the real PCBA sample is made. The designs can be made more accurate to meet requirements and shorten development cycles.
  • RF simulation software such as Smith Chart can do the RF circuit performance simulations, antenna matching, etc. before the real sample is made. It can greatly reduce development time during the iteration of samples.

ii) Software Design

Software Design Capabilities

With our dedicated software design teams, the following aspects of software design can be supported:

  • Programming language - assemble, ANSI c, ANSI c++, Java (Android)
  • Embedded system and applications - Linux, Windows, Android
  • MCU platforms - 8,16,32bits, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3 ( UCOS II, FreeRTOS )
  • ARM development includes driver and applications

Software Design Tools

1. PC compiler

  • GCC compile( ANSI c & ANSI c++ for Unix OS, Linux OS )
  • QT ( for Linux, Windows application )
  • Visual Studio

2. MCU Compiler

  • IAR for 8051
  • Atmel AVR
  • NEC 78k0
  • TI, MSP430

3. Application processor

iii) Mechanical Design

Design Capabilities

VTech mechanical design team can provide solutions for the below design areas:

  • Large size plastic and metal enclosure of professional products such as sheet metal casings of large-scale professional audio mixing consoles and plastic enclosures of outdoor professional power speakers.
  • Plastic housings of small and dedicated products including headsets and other small handheld devices.
  • Experience with designs that have thermal requirements so that we can provide efficient and effective thermal flow, especially for LED lighting products.
  • Outdoor waterproof design to meet IP requirements.

Design Tools

  • PRO/ENGINEER and SolidWorks: 3D mechanical parametric modeling CAD to create the 3-dimensional mechanical and structural design models. They can handle complicated surfaces and structures of the product design.
  • ZWCAD: 2-dimensional mechanical CAD for specifying the detail information of parts in 2D drawings.
  • Mold Flow Analysis: It can simulate the plastic flowing process and result of injection molding plastic parts such that any potential problem of the tooling can be discovered before we start to make a hard tool. Here the mechanical parts and tooling designs can be modified and improved for manufacturing.
  • FloEFD (Thermo Simulation): By inputting the 3D mechanical design data to this CAD, it can simulate the temperature distribution on the whole structure of the product to ensure the design can meet all the thermal requirements
  • With assistance from our industrial designers, VTech can provide the complete industrial design idea, concept and drawing according to the customer’s ideas and product requirements or we can finish the incomplete ID design provided by the customer. Since we have lots of manufacturing experience, the ID design is made with manufacturability in mind, such that the product is designed to both meet the customer’s requirement and for efficient production.
v) Agency Approval

The product design must be in compliance with the industry regulatory body requirements and country specific approvals based on the market on which the product is to be sold. This includes EMC, safety, environmental friendly approval requirements such as FCC, UL, cUL, CSA, CE, JET, EnergyStar, RoHS, etc. Our compliance engineers have a wealth of experience on addressing approval issues in order to ensure that the designed product can pass and be granted the required approvals.

vi) Design Assurance

Design assurance engineers will carry out all the product functions and environmental requirement verification. The following items will be checked and insured:

  • Product features and functions
  • Product required reliability tests
  • Environmental safety requirements such as RoHS (or REACH per customer requirement) For the purpose of completing the design assurance analysis, the following tools are used:
  • Statistical tools such as six sigma and standard deviation to analyze all the parametric performance distributions of the product
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) to estimate the failure lead time of selected components and the whole product
  • DFMEA (Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis) to analyze different possible design faults and to make the corresponding improvement.
vii) Sustaining Engineering

Sustaining engineering includes the following services:

  • Continuous improvement on manufacturing process such as shorten the assembly methods and time, increase the efficiency of manufacturing
  • Improve the product reliability by making proper design modifications
  • Product field return failure analysis to analyze what are the issues occurring in the market
  • Alternative selection for cost reduction and obsolete components